2016 – Dimitri Mitropoulos year
120 years from his birth 


When you set out on your journey to Ithaca,

pray that the road is long,

full of adventure, full of knowledge.

C. P. Cavafys



This website was created early in 2010 in occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Maestros’ death and it appeared  on the Internet under the title

2010 – Dimitri Mitropoulos Anniversary

50 years on...


Its aim has been:

–to renew the interest of those who were fortunate enough to “encounter” the great Greek conductor.

–to make known to younger generations Mitropoulos’ personality and his general contribution as an artist and a human being.

–to promote and disseminate his compositions, that had been ignored over several decades.


The year 2010  – Dimitri Mitropoulos anniversary is over; yet, the website remains and will continue to operate under the title


2012 – Dimitri Mitropoulos Anniversary

50+2 years on...

which refers to:

–the effort to make the most of this commemoration, a widely accepted convention aimed at bringing this honoured musical figure into the spotlight.

–the decision to continue efforts to render the true value of Dimitris Mitropoulos’ personality and work, primarily his compositional output, beyond this anniversary.

kefali_notes_megaloThe website’s popularity –which amounts to a few thousand visits from friends who accompanied us in this ongoing and exciting artistic and scientific voyage– was a significant factor in taking this decision.

The website will maintain its basic structure, functioning as a τόπος (topos), where the visitor/friend will search and find anything that has been already posted, but also functioning as a Βήμα (vima) presenting new Editions (of compositions, recordings, books), Events (concerts, lectures, exhibitions, conferences, etc.), as well as new texts (articles, studies, papers dealing with Mitropoulos’ life and work)  either already published or written for our website.  

Moreover, we will continue the non profit offer of any possible service to performers, researchers and to every friend of the website.


Dimitris’ friends are our friends also!


Come with us; the trip to Ithaka has not ended... *


 Apostolos Kostios



* Dimitri Mitropoulos was the first composer to board on the boat to Ithaka, composing around 1925 his work 10 [+4] Inventions on poems by C. P. Kavafys (s. «Texts on D.M.» and «Editions: Compositions»); several decades of composers have followed him thereafter.


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