Paper on Metadata and Blockchain Technology

Tassos Kolydas presented a paper at the 13th International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research, Rome, Italy, on October 29th, 2019. The paper was entitled: Timestamping Metadata Using Blockchain: 
A Practical Approach MTSR is an annual international inter-disciplinary conference, which brings together academics, researchers and practitioners in the specialized fields of metadata, ontologies and semantics research. The conference provides an opportunity… Continue reading

Proceedings of the 10th Musicological Conference: “Musical heritage in Western art music”

Tassos Kolydas, “Digital score as a historical source for recording music heritage; challenges, opportunities, prospects”, 10th Interdepartmental Musicological Conference: “The musical heritage in Western art music”, (Proceedings of the Interdepartmental Conference under the auspices of the Hellenic Music Society, Corfu, 26-28 October 2018), Hellenic Music Society, Thessaloniki 2019. Download file More info