Exploring digital score usage by Greek composers

Tasos Kolidas and Nikos Poulakis presented a paper entitled “From handwritten sheet music to digital notation: Exploring the way Greek Composers compose their works using digital score”. The presentation took place on Thursday, November 21, 11:00, at the main building of the University of Athens (Propylaea), in the context of the 11th Interdisciplinary Music Conference, “Innovation and Tradition (commemorating the 70th anniversary of Nikos Skalkota’s death),” under the auspices of the Hellenic Music Society.

The purpose of the research is to investigate the way Greek composers today depict their compositions. Specifically, to what extent do they use the musical manuscript as a means of capturing a composition versus the digital score and what steps do they follow from conception of the original idea to production of the final “autograph”.

Expected results of the research include outlining the use of digital scores by Greek composers and the process used to imprint a composition on musical notation. The resulting data is expected to contribute to the updating of research tools in the field of historical and systematic musicology and the reform of curricula in composition courses.