Website on the life and work of Maestro Dimitri Mitropoulos

The website commemorating the life and work of the eminent Maestro Dimitri Mitropoulos has moved to the servers of the Laboratory for the Study of Hellenic Music.
The website was created early in 2010 by late Professor Apostolos Kostios, in occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Mitropoulos’ death and it was maintained and enriched by him until his death. The website will maintain its basic structure, functioning as a τόπος (topos), where the visitor/friend will search and find anything that has been already posted, but also functioning as a Βήμα (vima) presenting new Editions (of compositions, recordings, books), Events (concerts, lectures, exhibitions, conferences, etc.), as well as new texts (articles, studies, papers dealing with Mitropoulos’ life and work) either already published or written for our website.
The migration is signifying an endeavor in preserving and honoring the profound impact of this distinguished conductor on the world of art music. This relocation assumes considerable archival significance. The compendium of sources and materials encompassed therein augments scholarly pursuits and fosters a deeper understanding of Mitropoulos’s artistic legacy.
Encapsulated within this repository are an array of materials, including but not limited to recordings, publications and compositions. These primary and secondary sources offer a unique vantage point to probe into the multifaceted dimensions of the maestro’s oeuvre, elucidating both his musical accomplishments and the socio-historical milieu that nurtured his artistic development.
Moreover, the preservation of these materials contributes to the cultural heritage and perpetuation of knowledge surrounding the contributions of eminent musicians and underline the legacy of Greek musicologists like Apostolos Kostios.